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Dana Sloan Mystery Series

A Deadly Hand

Investigative reporter Dana Sloan has gone undercover at an upscale retirement home to look into the suspicious death of Leona Rosetti, a retired reporter. Shortly before she died, Leona had called the newspaper claiming to have uncovered a sensational story. Working as the evening receptionist at Peaceful Pines, Dana has an opportunity to question the staff and the senior citizens who live there. Along with their offbeat humor, the elderly residents provide Dana with several clues that suggest the recent murder of a wealthy politician's wife and a bizarre string of serial killings are somehow connected to Leona's death. Before long, Dana's investigation puts her own life in jeopardy and causes serious conflicts in her relationship with homicide detective Al Bruno.

The Master Plan

Two wives suspected of their husbands' murders have investigative reporter Dana Sloan working to prove their innocence and at odds once again with her boyfriend, homicide detective Al Bruno. Dana quickly learns that one of the wives, a talented artist, was abused by her husband. The other wife, Dana's friend and employee Casey Jordan, admits that her recent wedding was part of a crazy scheme to marry into wealth. But Casey isn't the only one with secrets. Dana uncovers evidence that Casey's bridegroom has his own hidden agenda for marring. What Dana doesn't know is that the murders are all part of another plan, this one the most sinister of all, devised by a killer who won't hesitate to add Dana to the list of victims.

When Nothing Else Was Right

Dana Sloan's investigation into the disappearance of a talented singer, who has run off with money belonging to the mob, is sidetracked when the girl's husband confesses to killing her. The confession is a lie and the case quickly becomes a dangerous web of deceptions and related crimes. Identity theft, murder, and an attempt on Dana's life send her across the country to find the missing girl before the mob catches up with her. For once, investigative reporter Sloan and her boyfriend, Detective Al Bruno, are working a case together, and uncover new evidence that heals a family torn apart by tragedy nineteen years earlier.

Ask Aunt Emma Mystery Series

Ask Aunt Emma

People are being murdered in Peg MacDonald’s neighborhood and her husband, George, wants Peg to investigate. Ever since George died unexpectedly in a small plane crash, his spirit has been haunting Peg urging her to do the investigative work they used to do together. Peg is content to work as an assistant to the newspaper’s popular advice columnist, Aunt Emma, but when she discovers a letter that concerns the murders, Peg is suddenly drawn into the investigation. To complicate her life further, Peg begins a romantic relationship with the Homicide Detective assigned to the case. Following clues puts Peg into the path of a killer. Following her heart puts her in the middle of an impossible love triangle.

Ask Aunt Emma Again

Peg MacDonald is now married to Detective John Hogan, but George’s spirit continues to be a part of her life. As an assistant to the popular advice columnist, Aunt Emma, Peg uncovers a letter listing the names of three people the writer claims to have killed. It is the beginning of a bizarre case with so many twists and turns that it takes Peg, John, and George to make sense of the clues and false leads the killer has put in place to lure Peg and an ex-jockey into dangerous waters.

Ask Aunt Emma A Third Time

Patrick MacDonald runs a successful ad agency and is married to his most famous client, Rita Ross. Patrick is unaware that he is the father of an eight year old boy, Andy, or that Rita has been paying the boy's aunt to keep Andy away from Patrick. When the aunt is murdered,Patrick is arrested for the crime and calls upon his Aunt Peg to help him out of the mess Rita has gotten him into. Being a clever, resourceful child, Andy turns up on Peg's doorstep claiming he saw the man who really killed his aunt. Rita, who has never before put anyone's needs before her own, teams up with Andy and Peg to investigate the crime . As this alliance of beauty and brains work together they uncover crucial evidence that makes them targets of a ruthless killer. Of course, Peg's ghostly ally, George, is on hand to oversee the investigation and protect his family.

Crimes of the Past

Crimes from another time and place resurface to destroy new lives A deli owner dies clutching a priceless diamond from a recent jewel theft, a steel worker is arrested attempting to hold up a bank, and a young artist’s career is threatened by nightmares of death in a prison cell. In the fourth Dana Sloan mystery, Dana discovers that all three people are patients of a prominent psychiatrist, Dr. Phillip Serban. The chilling possibility that Serban is using past lives therapy to manipulate his patients into repeating their crimes from another lifetime pits Dana against y a dangerous and formidable enemy. This bizarre case and its stunning resolution changes the way Dana looks at life and her relationship with Detective Al Bruno.

Ask Aunt Emma About Ex-Cons and Red Stars

Cases featuring Ex-Cons and Red Stars put the combined talents of Peg and George to the test in Book Four of this series. Peg’s volunteer work at a church, acquaints her with a group of geriatric ex-cons. When a letter to Aunt Emma results in the arrest of one ex-con, Peg tries to help the defense attorney find the truth about a sensational triple homicide. At the same time, Peg fears that the jury she served on, sent an innocent man to prison.The new evidence that has surfaced evolves into more problems and crazy complications. To add to the turmoil, one of Aunt Emma’s staff finds a red star stuck to the wall of an elevator. Peg soon suspects the red star is an important clue in a string of serial killings, her husband, Homicide Detective John Hogan, is investigating. Peg’s ghostly ally, George, is always nearby, using his unearthly powers to provide information and new leads for Peg to follow. Old friends and some colorful new friends support Peg as she unravels the mysteries in three intriguing cases.

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Non-Series Titles

Psychic Evidence

A homicide detective and a county prosecutor risk their reputations and careers to bring a killer to justice based on evidence obtained at a séance.

The Seventh Messenger

The history of the House of David and its members is a fascinating, often sensational tale, filled with torrid relationships, emotion, and drama. It is the story of people who persevered in the face of hardships and scandal clinging to their faith and living together in peace and harmony. Although this book is a work of fiction, it is based on true events, and many of the characters depicted in this book are real people.

Invisible Force

The ghost of Janet D’Angelo returns to the house where she was murdered intent on finding her killer and solving the mystery surrounding the tragic disappearance of her teenage daughter. On the day of Janet’s funeral, her daughter miraculously returns and tells the terrifying story of her abduction and the amnesia that ended when she saw the newspaper account of her mother’s death. Janet soon realizes that her family is in grave danger and though her presence sometimes erupts into frightening displays of her unearthly power, she knows that she must channel her energy to untangle the web of greed and deception that led to her murder. Finding an unlikely ally in her flamboyant daughter-in-law, Janet searches for her killer, a person determined to destroy everything and everyone Janet loves.

The Secret of Eastman Springs

Sixteen-year-old Sara Barkley has come to Benton Corners to spend the summer with her Aunt Kate. Still stunned by the recent death of her mother, Sara often seeks refuge in Eastman Springs, once a world-famous resort, but now silent and deserted. It is here Sara encounters the troubled spirit of Lacey Matthews, a young girl who disappeared eighteen years earlier. The boys had always flocked around Lacey who was wild and unpredictable. Shy and uncomfortable Sara has just met Tom and wants very much to impress him. Lacey promises to help if Sara will help her solve the mystery that binds her spirit to the Springs. With Lacey’s strong presence to guide her, Sara is able to charm Tom. At the same time, Sara tries to unlock the secrets behind Lacey’s disappearance. When Sara stumbles upon Lacey’s diary, the entries indicate that Sara’s own father may have been involved in Lacey’s demise. Too late, Sara realizes that she is trapped in a treacherous game that threatens the safety and well being of the people she loves.

Lost in the Shadows

A young woman’s grief over the death of her husband suddenly turns to fear and desperation when she realizes she was his unsuspecting accomplice in the theft of US military aircraft plans. With her own life in danger, she works to clear herself and solve the mystery surrounding her husband’s murder. When she falls in love with the FBI agent who is investigating her, she begins to suspect that she may not be a widow after all.

Take Me Out To The Love Game

Four couples struggle with romance in Chicago while the Cubs and White Sox meet in the first ever city world series that ends with a miracle. Or was it just that lucky hat? The fun continues with other stories full of love and laughter including a delightful encounter with John Wayne.

Love Steals The Scene

Playwright Linda Lucas is struggling to build a career in New York City. When a Hollywood producer purchases the film rights to one of Linda's plays, she travels to Los Angeles to collaborate on the movie script. There she is teamed up with Scott Richards, a writer who lives at the beach and admits to having an aversion to work. At first, Linda is appalled by Scott's lack of ambition and laid-back lifestyle, but soon his good nature and offbeat charm begin to win her over. Working at the beach turns into a fun-filled adventure with Scott and his zany neighbors. By the time the movie script is finished, Linda and Scott are falling in love, but an important offer on one of her plays sends Linda rushing back to New York. Scott comes to New York to visit and finds that Linda's former boyfriend, a successful actor, is romancing her again. Scott wants Linda to go back to the beach with him, but Linda's stage career is flourishing. Can this mismatched couple overcome their bi-coastal conflicts and let love dictate the future?

Labor of Love

As head of the display department at Dixon's Department Store, Margo Conroy comes in contact with all of the employees. Recent policy changes put in place by Dixon's new General Manager, David Martin, have everyone disgruntled. The employees feel that a union is the best way to protect themselves, and Margo agrees to be the union organizer. Margo has always been adept at handing difficult situations, but when David begins a romantic quest to capture her heart, Margo's steadfast reason becomes clouded by desire and emotion. David seems to be everything Margo ever dreamed of-attractive, intelligent, charming, and considerate. Soon Margo is torn between her feelings for David and the needs of her friends and co-workers. Margo must decide whether David's feelings for her are sincere or simply part of a plan designed to win her over to management's side of the labor dispute. Can she trust what her heart is saying over the loud warnings in her mind?