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Carol Costa

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Teach Yourself Accounting in 24 Hours

Ideal for bookkeepers, accounting clerks, and small business owners, this practical guide goes beyond general accounting principles to teach readers how to prepare and manage their companies’ books. In this new edition, readers will find completely revised and updated information on handling sales and services, and updated tax information reflecting changes in the tax code.

Teach Yourself Bookkeeping in 24 Hours

Since many small businesses leave the all-important job of bookkeeping to someone on the staff with no training, there is a demand for this easy, authoritative how-to on the subject. Readers will find principles and procedures adapted to suit the needs of various types of business operations-from retail to entertainment to financial institutions.

Complete Idiot's Guide to Starting & Running a Thrift Store

A thrifty offering for the prospective thrift-store owner... In economic times like these, thrift stores have seen a 35% increase in sales in 2008; so what better time to start one? While fairly cheap, it is complicated, however. Here, two experts cover the entire process, including such vital topics as how to: set up the store on a nonprofit basis; choose a location; get funding; get the word about donations of saleable items; recruit and manage volunteer staff; sort, price and recycle donations. •Practical, step-by-step approach to the process •Troubleshooting tips and best practices that really work •Funding by and partnering with community organizations

Complete Idiot's Guide Surviving Bankruptcy

This book will include everything readers need to know in order to determine whether bankruptcy is the only way out, if it is-how to decide between chapter 7 and chapter 13, how to go about filing, and how to restore their credit once they've filed. In addition the book will cover all questions most first-time filers would never think to ask, but need to know the answers to, such as: What debts are non-dischargable? What assets are exempt from liquidation? What kinds of property can be legally transferred? What rights do you have in dealing with creditors?

My Bargain With God

After a series of devastating events including the abduction of her 3 year old son, Joyce Martin, died from injuries sustained in a fiery auto accident. Poised on the threshold between life and eternity, Joyce made a bargain that sent her back to her earthly life to find the son that was taken from her and use her psychic abilities to help others who had suffered the shattering loss of a loved one. This is the inspirational true story of a woman who survived life's darkest moments and carried the light of hope and healing to others on the brink of despair.

Your Journey To Light And Love

Your Journey to Light and Love begins on the day you are born. This book offers spiritual guidance and advice based on research, experience, and psychic messages of faith, hope, and love. Learn how to tap into the wisdom and healing power of the Universe. Know that you are not alone as you face the challenges of life, and journey back to eternity and the loving arms of our Heavenly Father.

Happiness Awaits You!

68 true stories, written by 44 authors who have overcome adversity or found hope by exploring the mystical aspects of life, have been gathered to help readers find the peace and contentment. A diverse blend of people share their personal journeys to happiness, including well-known names such as-Susan Jeffers Ph.D, M.J. Ryan,Antonio Ballatore, Dee Wallace, Barry Goldstein, and Barbara Shiffman. Each chapter ends with advice and activities for personal growth. Happiness Awaits You! began with one woman's desire to bring more happiness into the world.

Video Poker: Play Longer With Less Risk

Video Poker: Play Longer with Less Risk presents a sensible, easy method for playing one of the most popular casino games. Beginning gamblers as well as seasoned players will benefit from a strategy that helps them play longer with less risk. "Jacks or Better," "Four of a Kind," "Double Down," "Deuces Wild," and "Sneak Peak" are featured with step-by-step instructions. The unique playing system is explained in detail so that players can apply the technique to any of the flashing, spinning variations of Video Poker. Advice on identifying poker machines with more liberal payouts is also included. With a business background in accounting and taxes, Carol Costa has combined her love of gambling with her understanding of finance. While this book doesn’t promise the reader big winnings, it does offer a conservative approach to Video Poker that allows players to derive more pleasure from the game by helping them to win smaller amounts more consistently. Costa’s book is not for the high roller, but for the average person who enjoys the challenge of playing Video Poker and the social aspects of gaming. Video Poker shows the player how to stay in the game without risking the rent money. It teaches gamblers how to play sensibly and responsibly, and have fun doing it.